viola - piano
      Eliane Reyes - piano
 Marc Sabbah -  viola / alto
Duo Sabbah-Reyes Promo Video
Duo Sabbah-Reyes Promo

Formed in 2016, Duo Sabbah-Reyes brings together two world-renowned musicians to discover and perform the lesser known yet vast and rich repertoire for viola and piano.  The viola, thought of as a more philosophical instrument, with it's deep register and rhapsodic tone is mastered in the hands of American violist Marc Sabbah. With his years of experience as a principal player of the Belgian National Orchestra and guest principal of the Israeli Philharmonic as well as countless chamber and solo performances, Marc is the lyrical half to this duo.
Pianist Eliane Reyes, a veteren of Franco-Belgian piano playing is no stranger to chamber music. Her years of collaboration with great musicians and solo performances has helped her establish herself as one of the most promising artists of her generation.  The piano, known as the king of instruments acts as the 'orchestral' foundation to the Duo. Eliane's technical mastery and sensitive touch of the piano marries perfectly with the lyrical and powerful playing of Marc Sabbah. Duo Sabbah-Reyes breaths life into a little played but much cherished repertoire, full of excitement and unforgettable moments.  



Duo Sabbah-Reyes constitué depuis 2016, rassemble deux grands talents de la musique, l'altiste Marc Sabbah et la pianiste Eliane Reyes. Habitués à se produire sur les scènes internationales les plus prestigieuses, ces artistes allient complicité, sensibilité, poésie, passion et virtuosité. Le répertoire alto-piano consiste en des oeuvres philosophiques et profondes et exige une palette sonore et des richesses de timbres et de maturité que ce duo maîtrise avec brio.